RERUN: How Did I Get Here?

Hi friends! I had an intense week, involving multiple 12 hour days at my average joe job. I’m tired. As a result, we’re having a rerun, but this is probably something that needs to come back anyway for my new readers! I’m often asked “how did you get into writing?” The answer could be simple, … Continue reading RERUN: How Did I Get Here?

Plot Twist!

Photo by on It's Saturday! It's a busy Saturday, because tomorrow is Easter and not only do I work with the group that preps for services at Church, I'm also a sponsor for the woman getting baptized tomorrow morning at the sunrise service, so I'll be up at Church most of the day. … Continue reading Plot Twist!

Reading Challenge Update: February/March 2021

Hey friends! Last month I didn't post a reading challenge update, because things were incredibly hectic. We were busy at work, and mid month we had the Snowpocalypse that knocked our water out for a week, and power at my office for a few days. I finished 6 books these two months, so our current … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: February/March 2021

Project Update

Photo by Pixabay on Hey friends! Welcome to another Saturday sit down with me. March is almost over, which means Camp NaNo is almost here! I'm excited for this year, because I'll be continuing work on my cozy mystery story, which I wrote last year for Camp NaNo. It's tentatively called Arts and Crimes, … Continue reading Project Update

Memento Mori

Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili on Good morning, happy Saturday! It's an overcast day here in Dallas, and I won't lie, this is some of my favorite weather. It seems more cozy to me, and one thing I love to do when I feel cozy is read a good ghost story. I don't limit … Continue reading Memento Mori