Author Spotlight: Octavia E. Butler

Why Octavia Butler's Novels Are So Relevant Today Hey friends, happy Saturday! It's a chilly day down here in Dallas, but the snow is FINALLY melting and yesterday we got over freezing! Hooray! The white stuff was fun for a couple days, but I was ready for it to go away on Tuesday. Thankfully we … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Octavia E. Butler

Blame Chaucer

Photo by Gabby K on Hey everyone, happy Saturday! It's the day before everyone's favorite holiday to hate--Valentine's Day! We probably won't do anything special--we're in a pandemic, after all--but we probably wouldn't have, anyway. It's just not as fun when you're an adult. The fun was in the crafts as a kid, and … Continue reading Blame Chaucer

Terrific Two!

Photo by Anna Shvets on Hello friends! It's a special day here at A Cup of Tea and a Pen for Me--it's our second birthday! Grab a treat, pop on this playlist, and let's get this party started! This last year was very different for all of us, obviously. I didn't get nearly … Continue reading Terrific Two!

Reading Challenge 2021

Good morning everyone! I'm so surprised we're at this post for the month already. January flew by this year and wasn't the normal 80+ days it usually is. If you're one of my newer readers, every year I participate in a Goodreads Reading Challenge. Last year my goal was 30 books, which I crushed and … Continue reading Reading Challenge 2021


Photo by Simon Matzinger on Hello friends! It's winter here in the northern hemisphere, and in Texas we rarely, if ever, get snow. A couple weekends ago, we had the good fortune of seeing a couple hours of snow, even though it didn't stick. One of my favorite musicians, Loreena McKennitt, does a musical … Continue reading Snow