Progress Report

Hey friends! Welcome to a new post. It’s Saturday, but unfortunately I won’t have much time to write this weekend. Today we’re helping with youth group welcome up at church (very socially distanced, don’t worry!) and we have to straighten up our home. The city decided this week was the week for fire alarm and … Continue reading Progress Report

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Happy Saturday! Here at A Cup of Tea and a Pen for Me, you’ve heard me talk a lot about my husband. There’s another member of this team I don’t talk about nearly as much. Meet Hermes. Hermes is a pretty special little guy. We aren’t entirely sure where he came from. When he was … Continue reading You’ve Got a Friend in Me

A Hemingway Day

Welcome to May! This is usually around the time my husband and I start to frequent patio restaurants with margaritas and tacos, but that isn't happening this year. We're still quarantined. I've been working from home since April 27th. It's been a learning curve, but I think I have the hang of things by now. … Continue reading A Hemingway Day

Series Spotlight: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

This series is possibly one of the most daunting endeavors I've undertaken. The Wheel of Time series is a total of 15 books: 14 regular novels and 1 prequel novel, which you should apparently read between books 11 and 12. I'm currently on book 7, and wow is it a ride. Not pictured: New Spring … Continue reading Series Spotlight: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan