Series Spotlight: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

This series is possibly one of the most daunting endeavors I've undertaken. The Wheel of Time series is a total of 15 books: 14 regular novels and 1 prequel novel, which you should apparently read between books 11 and 12. I'm currently on book 7, and wow is it a ride. Not pictured: New Spring … Continue reading Series Spotlight: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan


Fixed Point in Time, Sorry!

My husband and I are members of a Doctor Who-themed online running club. We just finished a competition called Racery in our club, and we're both beat. We're both big fans, but recently I found out he hadn't seen the first season all the way through. To reward ourselves, we've been watching the first season … Continue reading Fixed Point in Time, Sorry!

Find Your Team

One show we love to watch is Park and Recreation. It details the life of Leslie Knope, Assistant Deputy of the Parks Department in the small, almost terrifying town of Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie aspires to one day be Madame President, hilarious hi-jinks ensue, and at the end of it all, there was one moment that had me crying. … Continue reading Find Your Team

The Book Fight

We all have our preferences in life: paper or plastic, Romeo or Marc Antony (both are terrible people, btw), pizza or flatbread. There are few preferences, though, that I have seen cause so much division as the topic I present today. eReader or print book? Photo by Pixabay on Now, I completely understand both … Continue reading The Book Fight

It’s a Process

When a writer begins writing, we often look to the greats for inspiration and guidance on something we shouldn't. It's something so personal that if it's duplicated, it's purely by luck. I'm speaking, of course, about the writing process. Edith Wharton wrote in bed in the morning in her home in the Berkshires. Maya Angelou … Continue reading It’s a Process