Plot Twist!

Photo by on It's Saturday! It's a busy Saturday, because tomorrow is Easter and not only do I work with the group that preps for services at Church, I'm also a sponsor for the woman getting baptized tomorrow morning at the sunrise service, so I'll be up at Church most of the day. … Continue reading Plot Twist!

Project Update

Photo by Pixabay on Hey friends! Welcome to another Saturday sit down with me. March is almost over, which means Camp NaNo is almost here! I'm excited for this year, because I'll be continuing work on my cozy mystery story, which I wrote last year for Camp NaNo. It's tentatively called Arts and Crimes, … Continue reading Project Update

Progress Report

Probably what it looks like inside my head. Photo by Canva Studio on Whew! The holidays are finally over (thank goodness!), so now is a great time for me to take stock of my work. With how hectic things have been, I'm hopeful to just stop and breathe. Have you ever been curious about … Continue reading Progress Report

Book Writing Playlist: Lady of the Lake

Y'all know I love music. I have to write with music, no exceptions. (Seriously, I had to turn some on before doing this post). In 2019 for NaNoWriMo, I branched out in what I listened to as I wrote, since 2018 I listened to the De-Lovely soundtrack almost exclusively. I couldn't do that for another … Continue reading Book Writing Playlist: Lady of the Lake

Method of the Madness

Photo by Maria Tyutina on Welcome to November! Hopefully where you are isn't too cold. I've been inhaling my pumpkin candle since midnight on September 1, so I'm probably needing to get a new one by now. I get a bit reminiscent towards the end of the year, and now is no exception. It's … Continue reading Method of the Madness