Plot Twist!

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It’s Saturday! It’s a busy Saturday, because tomorrow is Easter and not only do I work with the group that preps for services at Church, I’m also a sponsor for the woman getting baptized tomorrow morning at the sunrise service, so I’ll be up at Church most of the day. After that, I’ll come home and write before an early bedtime since I’ll probably have to be back up at Church about 5 in the morning. We’re in April now, and that means Camp NaNoWriMo!

Hey, remember how I just wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how I was going to work on my cozy mystery for Camp NaNoWriMo?


Instead of working on Arts and Crimes, I’ve decided I’m going to work on my short story anthology. This is the second time I’ve done a NaNo event where the project I started out with changed to another. This gives me a lot of hope, because when this happened last time, I had great ideas.

I really want to get this anthology done, and I feel the only way it’s really going to get done is if I set up a goal with an event.

Another factor that will probably help is that Will got a new job! This is very exciting for us because it’s work from home, the pay is better, and the benefits are significantly better! The one downside is Will’s going to have to work both Saturdays and Sundays. While we loved having weekends off together, I wasn’t really getting any work done. I was wanting to spend time with Will and felt guilty for working on writing, even though I was assured I shouldn’t. If Will is working, I won’t feel guilty for working, either. Mid April, we’ll both be two weeks out from our vaccines, so we’ll be able to have my writing group over then too, since they’re all vaccinated.

I’m determined to succeed in my goal of finishing this anthology this year! If I do finish this year, I think we’re looking at a publishing date in 2021. Cross your fingers for me, everyone!

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