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Hey friends! Welcome to another Saturday sit down with me. March is almost over, which means Camp NaNo is almost here! I’m excited for this year, because I’ll be continuing work on my cozy mystery story, which I wrote last year for Camp NaNo. It’s tentatively called Arts and Crimes, and it currently holds the record for most words in a day for me (over 7,000), and it’s a really fun story to work on. If you aren’t familiar with Camp NaNo, it’s a more relaxed version of NaNoWriMo. You get to set your own word count goal, and it can be something you’ve worked on in the past.

My goal is to get the story up to 60,000 words, which will be a bit of a challenge for me. I have the basic story written, and it’s approximately 26,500 words. At this point, I’m fleshing things out, but that’s over 30,000 words of fleshing out to do. I need to add more scenes of Rory acting as amateur detective and more clues of who the murderer is. I think it’s difficult when you know who the murderer is–everything is obvious to you because you know all. I am noticing, as I go through, that I’m doing a lot of telling and not showing. Changing that should help, so that’s the good news.

Another struggle for me is that I want to jump into book 2 for this series already. I have so many ideas for it, but I know I need to work on this one before I move on. It’s annoying!

I’m glad I’m not working on something new for Camp NaNo. I considered starting the western idea I had, but I know that’s a bad idea. For now, I’ll just continue jotting down notes for it so I don’t lose the idea, but we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll work on it for NaNoWriMo this year in November.

I’m unsure what I’ll do for Camp NaNo in July. I may work on Grind (my story based off the Villisca Axe Murder), or I might start something new. For now, though, I’ll focus on my fun cozy mystery.

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