Memento Mori

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Good morning, happy Saturday! It’s an overcast day here in Dallas, and I won’t lie, this is some of my favorite weather. It seems more cozy to me, and one thing I love to do when I feel cozy is read a good ghost story. I don’t limit them to just Autumn and October. Ghost stories are a year-round affair for me.

I don’t know exactly when I first started loving ghost stories. I remember not liking scary ghosts at a very young age, but I didn’t mind something like Casper the Friendly Ghost. As I got older, my fear tolerance went up, and now I love a good, scary ghost story, and I love to watch ghost hunting shows as a way to unwind on a Friday night.

I’m not too sure why I like them so much. I think it’s that something about ghosts draws me to them. The thought that the human condition can be so strong, so powerful, it overcomes something so final as death. The story is usually tragic, though there have been sweet ghost stories before.

Let me be clear–I don’t actually believe in ghosts. Yes, I’ve had some weird stuff happen to me in my life that I can’t explain, but that doesn’t mean the answer is ghosts, or any other kind of creature. I love the mythos.

Some of my favorites are the ones that don’t have a ghost at all. Stories where humans are their own monsters and things that go bump in the night are better, in my opinion, and I wish I had the skill to write something intriguing like that. Instead of blaming things on the paranormal, the people are their own enemies.

I have many on my list of books to read, so I’ll probably start a new one today when I get the chance. I’ll cozy up with a book, the two cats (if they aren’t fighting), a cup of tea, and get my spook on. Happy reading, and don’t let the ghosts get you!

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