Spooky Series

Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili on Pexels.com Now that we're solidly in September, we're in what I consider the beginnings of Spooky Season, aka Halloweentide. One of our favorite things to do is watch ghost hunting show and usually make fun of them while we watch. Will is really good at that part. Our jokes … Continue reading Spooky Series

It’s Time!

Well everyone, here we are. We've officially made it to SEPTEMBER! I don't know how this year has gone by this quickly, but it really feels like this year was shorter. Maybe it's to make up for the mess that was 2020? Who knows, I'm not going to complain. Since we're in September, you know … Continue reading It’s Time!


Hey friends! Happy Saturday. Or should I say...Caturday? Can you fault me for wanting to show this off? Anyway, I'm taking it easy this weekend. A couple weeks ago, I worked a 65 hour workweek. The other assistant on my team was out on a well-deserved vacation, but it was still a lot on me. … Continue reading Rest

Back At It

Hey friends! I’m back from my “vacation,” and I’m reading and ready to go. It’s incredibly strange to me that we’re mid-August now and some schools are back in session. Where did summer go? I won’t really complain—last night I chaperoned the youth lock in OUTSIDE for 12+ hours. In August. In Texas. I’m not … Continue reading Back At It

Rerun: Paint

Hey friends! I've made the decision that this month will be my vacation month. By "vacation," I only mean there won't be new blog posts except my Reading Challenge Update. Meanwhile, I'll be finishing up my final readthrough prior to sending my manuscript to my editor as well as working on expanding on the sequel … Continue reading Rerun: Paint