A 21st Century Horror Story (and Halloween Treats!)

Hey friends! So sorry I missed last week, but life comes at me faster and faster nowadays, it seems. Saturday I intended on writing the 2nd half of this post as my actual blog post, but I ended up sleeping most of the day. I don’t know why I was so tired, but obviously I needed the sleep! I don’t really remember why I couldn’t write it on Sunday, but there was a reason. By Monday, it was looking less and less likely I’d get something written, and having to stay at work until 7:15 pretty much solidified it not happening that day.

Then Tuesday happened.

Photo by Chris J Mitchell on Pexels.com

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen a panicked post I made with a picture of the cats. Don’t worry, Hermes and Hudson are fine.

I was trying to check my bank account on my phone when a notification from Twitter popped up: New log in for @ceedubyahcee. I was slightly concerned, but figured maybe Will was borrowing my laptop for something and I’d gotten signed out and then signed back in. I was so wrong.

In less than a minute, hackers had gotten into my account, changed the email address, the password, and deleted my phone number. There was no way for me to do a normal password reset to get back into my account.

Thankfully, Twitter sent e-mails to me each time my account was accessed and things were changed. I was able to get screenshots of everything and send those on to Twitter support. It took about 12 hours for my account to be restored back to me, but eventually I was able to get back in. Needless to say, I’ve not only reset my password, but I also enabled as many security features on my account as I possibly could.

It may seem silly and trivial that I freaked out over my account getting hacked. I don’t think so, and neither does Will. Will’s degree had an emphasis in cyber security, so I feel more validated. They broke in to a personal part of my life. I didn’t know what they might do–would they post racist things? Would they post sexually explicit content? Would they message all my friends and try to get money out of them? I had no idea.

I’ve worked hard to cultivate the relationships I’ve made on that site, and the thought that someone had the power to take it all away from me still makes me nauseous. I could have lost my job and I could have lost my contract with my editor. I got lucky.

BUT, things haven’t been all bad! I’ve also had some treats, too!

One of the friends I’ve made on twitter, Storm, has a shop where they sell a variety of items, from jewelry to clothing to even custom medicine pill boxes. Their Halloween collection is super cute, and I loved everything I purchased! I’m actually wearing this shirt right now.

I also got this really cute, comfortable skirt that I’m looking forward to wearing once it gets cool enough to wear leggings. I most likely couldn’t wear it to work, but it would be fun to wear on weekends.

I didn’t only buy clothes. I got a cute mug that looks like a cauldron that says “Witches Brew” and this super adorable glass cutting board! I cant wait to use it to hold a séance with Julia Child while chopping vegetables. I can see it now: M-O-R-E-B-U-T-T-E-R! Jokes aside, my coworker said it would make a really cute Halloween charcuterie board, which I’ll probably use it for that purpose.

I’m impressed with the quality of Storm’s work, and the fact that the cutting board made it from England to the US in one piece shows the level of care that went into packing my order. You can check out the rest of Storm’s Halloween collection here at Verda Rose.

Please note, I have not been compensated in any manner for this post, and I paid full price for all items unless they were already offered at a discount to everyone.

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One thought on “A 21st Century Horror Story (and Halloween Treats!)

  1. So glad the hacking mess is over! Anybody would have freaked! I know how much you love Halloween—you found some really cute things to make it even better!

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