Back At It

Hey friends! I’m back from my “vacation,” and I’m reading and ready to go. It’s incredibly strange to me that we’re mid-August now and some schools are back in session.

Where did summer go?

I won’t really complain—last night I chaperoned the youth lock in OUTSIDE for 12+ hours. In August. In Texas. I’m not sure who thought this was a great idea, but here we are. I won’t miss the heat and sun beating down on me constantly.

Summer is usually when life is too busy to do things, and fall is when life slows down so I’m looking forward to more time to work on my projects. I need to get my manuscript ready for my editor Charlie, and because of all my ideas, it’s going to significantly change book 2.

It almost feels like I’m going back to school and getting ready for lots of hard work. But now, sleep!

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