Progress Report

Hey friends! Welcome to a new post. It’s Saturday, but unfortunately I won’t have much time to write this weekend. Today we’re helping with youth group welcome up at church (very socially distanced, don’t worry!) and we have to straighten up our home. The city decided this week was the week for fire alarm and sprinkler testing, so they’ll be coming in while we’re at work.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, quarantine hasn’t been kind to my mental health. However, I’m now on some medicine that’s REALLY helping out! I’m hopeful that my productivity will get better. I have made the difficult decision to not participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but I hope to do Camp NaNo in the spring and summer of 2021. In the meantime, here’s an update on my most recent projects.

Short Story Anthology

My goal for this project was to have it done and ready by the end of the year, maybe published. That’s most likely not going to happen, but it might! I have 10 stories in the collection. Some are complete, others need work. The good news is that I have ideas for all 10!

Book 1, Working Title “Swanpoint” and Book 2, “Lady of the Lake”

These books are in a paranormal suspense series, and I’m in the midst of editing it. I have a problem—I’ve come up with a fantastic way to link them, but it means extensive rewrites, possibly more than half of it. It scares me, and I wonder if that’s part of why I haven’t worked much on them. I’m hopeful that can change soon.

Cozy Mystery 1, Title TBD

This was super fun to write, and I was able to write it (mostly) in order! I have a long way to go with it, but I have a very, very rough draft written. I’m shelving it for now, simply because I have these other projects I need to work on. It is not going to go away, though, and I have plans for an entire series!

These are my major projects I’m working on now. I’m still doing my monthly book reviews for Geekerati, and I’m looking forward to launching my project with Will soon. Life is busy, but it’s joyfully chaotic!

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One thought on “Progress Report

  1. Really happy you decided to ditch NaNoWriMo this year!!! Work on finishing one of your works—or two—or three! Some of us would like to READ some of these!!! ❤️


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