I love brunch. I'm a millenial, so yes, I understand I fit the stereotype well. I have a workout tank top that says "Crunch Then Brunch." I would love to spend $12 on eggs I could scramble at home, along with some potatoes that are probably straight out of the Ore-Ida bag in the kitchen. … Continue reading Brunch

Dreaming of Fall Tastes

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! I know it's still early August, but I am SO ready for Fall. Not just because 2020 will almost be over (thank GOD), but because all my favorite recipes and holidays happen in Fall and Winter. In anticipation, I'm hunting down great recipes to try out this year. This one from … Continue reading Dreaming of Fall Tastes

Delicious Salsa Recipe Ahead!

Photo by Anna-Louise on Hey all! Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans, and happy Saturday to my lovely non-American followers! As of 5 pm on Thursday afternoon, I am on vacation, so I'm taking it easy this week. Unfortunately Will had to work today, but pretty soon we'll be heading down to … Continue reading Delicious Salsa Recipe Ahead!

A Hemingway Day

Welcome to May! This is usually around the time my husband and I start to frequent patio restaurants with margaritas and tacos, but that isn't happening this year. We're still quarantined. I've been working from home since April 27th. It's been a learning curve, but I think I have the hang of things by now. … Continue reading A Hemingway Day

A Cajun Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Yes, it's March 14, or (in America at least) 3/14. Who doesn't love pie? I genuinely can't think of anyone who doesn't like some sort of pie. Today is the day you can channel your inner Dean Winchester and go to town. Just watch out for others who may steal your pie! … Continue reading A Cajun Pi Day