A Hemingway Day

Welcome to May! This is usually around the time my husband and I start to frequent patio restaurants with margaritas and tacos, but that isn't happening this year. We're still quarantined. I've been working from home since April 27th. It's been a learning curve, but I think I have the hang of things by now. … Continue reading A Hemingway Day


A Cajun Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Yes, it's March 14, or (in America at least) 3/14. Who doesn't love pie? I genuinely can't think of anyone who doesn't like some sort of pie. Today is the day you can channel your inner Dean Winchester and go to town. Just watch out for others who may steal your pie! … Continue reading A Cajun Pi Day

Southern Red Velvet Cake

I love to bake, especially cakes. I just throw on some music and get going. Something about singing as I bake makes it taste better. Sometimes, there's even special ingredients! https://youtu.be/MnpQ_Fvf_4c Disclaimer: I do NOT put cocaine in my cake This past Christmas season, I decided I wanted to bake a cake from scratch. I'd … Continue reading Southern Red Velvet Cake

A Fruity Fall Recipe!

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day, also known as Bonfire Night! This holiday actually features in my book, Swanpoint, though in the book it goes by the name the Puritans had for the holiday--Pope Day. In Great Britain, effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned in giant bonfires, and the Puritans would burn effigies of the Pope … Continue reading A Fruity Fall Recipe!

A Halloween Treat

One of my favorite memories for Halloween that isn't trick-or-treating is the time before going out with Dad and my sisters. It might be the anticipation for the motherlode of candy I was about to get, or getting to wear the awesome costumes my mom would make (seriously, that woman is a magician with a … Continue reading A Halloween Treat