I love brunch. I'm a millenial, so yes, I understand I fit the stereotype well. I have a workout tank top that says "Crunch Then Brunch." I would love to spend $12 on eggs I could scramble at home, along with some potatoes that are probably straight out of the Ore-Ida bag in the kitchen. … Continue reading Brunch

Well, Well, Well…

Hey friends! It’s another Saturday, so here’s another post! I know lately I’ve been talking about how tired I am all the time, and I wanted to give a little insight. Those of you who know me know this, but writing is not my full time job. I work in real estate title, and I’ve … Continue reading Well, Well, Well…

RERUN: How Did I Get Here?

Hi friends! I had an intense week, involving multiple 12 hour days at my average joe job. I’m tired. As a result, we’re having a rerun, but this is probably something that needs to come back anyway for my new readers! I’m often asked “how did you get into writing?” The answer could be simple, … Continue reading RERUN: How Did I Get Here?

Plot Twist!

Photo by on It's Saturday! It's a busy Saturday, because tomorrow is Easter and not only do I work with the group that preps for services at Church, I'm also a sponsor for the woman getting baptized tomorrow morning at the sunrise service, so I'll be up at Church most of the day. … Continue reading Plot Twist!