Reading Challenge Update: October 2021

Hey all! Welcome to the October edition of our reading challenge update. The end of the year is in sight, and I'm on track with my goal with 29/36 books read so far this year! One thing threatens to stand in my way, though: NaNoWriMo begins Monday, and I. Am. READY. Hopefully I'll be able … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: October 2021


Reading Challenge Update: July-September 2021

Hey folks! Happy Saturday! I'm enjoying a day at the State Fair and then going to see a movie for the first time since 2019(!!!). It's been a while since I did a reading challenge update. I was having a hard time getting through books and writing posts (as was probably obvious to you), so … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: July-September 2021

Reading Challenge Progress Report: June 2021

It astonishes me how it's already time for this post! June has flown by and despite my best efforts, not a lot of reading happened. See, I used to be able to read at work during my downtime. Guess what? I don't get any downtime anymore. I can't even remember the last time I actually … Continue reading Reading Challenge Progress Report: June 2021

Reading Challenge Update: April/May 2021

Hey hey, friends! It's another Saturday! This weekend is a three day weekend for me, and I'm actually really excited. I finally have a weekend where I don't have anywhere I absolutely have to be, and that sounds wonderful. I can't wait to read all weekend, and then go to Scarborough Renaissance Festival on Monday! … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: April/May 2021

Reading Challenge Update: February/March 2021

Hey friends! Last month I didn't post a reading challenge update, because things were incredibly hectic. We were busy at work, and mid month we had the Snowpocalypse that knocked our water out for a week, and power at my office for a few days. I finished 6 books these two months, so our current … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: February/March 2021