Reading Challenge 2021

Good morning everyone! I'm so surprised we're at this post for the month already. January flew by this year and wasn't the normal 80+ days it usually is. If you're one of my newer readers, every year I participate in a Goodreads Reading Challenge. Last year my goal was 30 books, which I crushed and … Continue reading Reading Challenge 2021

Reading Challenge Update: September 2020

Hello, dear friends! It's with a heavy heart that I announce I'm going on hiatus with this blog. I haven't had much time for my other projects, and when you work a full time job you just don't have time for everything. As Nora Roberts once said, "The key to juggling is to know that … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: September 2020

Reading Challenge Update: August 2020

Hey friends! Welcome to another Saturday. I'm calling this the last Saturday of summer (yes, yes, I know it's still summer until September 22nd) which means hopefully I'll have more time to read soon. I had a great month--I managed to get 4 books read, getting me to 26/30 books! As always, I receive no … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: August 2020

Reading Challenge Update: July 2020

Hey friends! I realized Thursday that I'm actually late on this post and it should've been last week, since today is August 1st. Honestly, this has been a very confusing month, and with confusion comes inability to focus. Unfortunately, I only read two books this month, but I'm not looking so bad at 22/30 books! … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: July 2020

Reading Challenge Update: June 2020

Hi friends! In the month of June, any funds I receive through my Ko-Fi will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. That's right, all of it. 100%. You can either click the "buy me a coffee" button to the side or the "Ko-Fi" link at the top. Welcome to June, friends! It's hard … Continue reading Reading Challenge Update: June 2020