Author Spotlight: Octavia E. Butler

Why Octavia Butler's Novels Are So Relevant Today Hey friends, happy Saturday! It's a chilly day down here in Dallas, but the snow is FINALLY melting and yesterday we got over freezing! Hooray! The white stuff was fun for a couple days, but I was ready for it to go away on Tuesday. Thankfully we … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Octavia E. Butler

Author Spotlight: Amy Tan and Lani Wendt Young

Hey there, happy Saturday! Welcome to another edition of our author spotlight. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander month, so for our spotlight we actually have TWO great authors today! Amy Tan Harper Collins Publishers Amy Tan is an incredibly well-known Asian author, specializing in the mother-daughter relationship. Growing up, I remember seeing my … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Amy Tan and Lani Wendt Young

Author Spotlight: Miles Arceneaux

February is dragging on, and I can't do anything but dream about going to the beach this summer. I love rain, but I need it to be WARM rain, not this cold, gross stuff we've been having lately. You're probably wondering why I'm talking about the beach and vacation and rain, aren't you? Well, this … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Miles Arceneaux

Author Spotlight: Victor Hugo

If you follow me on Facebook, I warned you in November this was coming. I said he would be the December author. Consider yourself forewarned for the wonderful, crazy life of Victor Hugo. We expect artists and authors to be eccentric, but I think he really takes the cake here. Enclyclopedia Britannica Victor Hugo was … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Victor Hugo

Author Spotlight: Madeline Miller

Good morning friends! It's that post again, though I'm shocked how quickly August flew by. We're almost to September, and I couldn't be happier about it! One of my favorite things to read is Greek myths. I've loved them since I was a child, and as I get older I love seeing how they … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Madeline Miller