The Raven

Photo by Tom Swinnen on Yesterday was my birthday! I'm now 31 years old, and it's great. To celebrate my birthday, today's poetry spotlight is by one of my favorite writers, Edgar Allan Poe. I know it isn't October, but I don't care, because yesterday was my birthday. The birthday girl gets to do … Continue reading The Raven


Photo by zhang kaiyv on Welcome to this month's poetry post! Today we have a beautiful poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. I first read Dunbar in high school and loved his work. I did a project for English class with his poem "We Wear the Mask," and my teacher gave me a B, saying … Continue reading Sympathy

Fairy Song

Photo by luizclas on I've had fairies on my mind a lot lately. I wasn't expecting that my NaNo project this year would evolve into a fairy story. I only had that idea a couple days before the end. I also recently went to see the new adaptation of Little Women by Louisa May … Continue reading Fairy Song


Photo by Jessica Lewis on Our poem this month is one that I knew I would do for December the second I decided to make a poetry post a monthly thing. I absolutely love this poem! I was surprised to find out how often she's quoted by people in the Anglican community, but the … Continue reading Christmastide

Have You Got a Brook in Your Little Heart

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Welcome to the November edition of the poetry corner! This month's poem comes from a poet near and dear to me. Emily Dickinson was a poetic genius unrecognized in her lifetime. When I was a kid, I had a story book about her (and I actually still have it. … Continue reading Have You Got a Brook in Your Little Heart