Rerun: My Favorite Things

Hey friends! I’ve made the decision that this month will be my vacation month. By “vacation,” I only mean there won’t be new blog posts except my Reading Challenge Update. Meanwhile, I’ll be finishing up my final readthrough prior to sending my manuscript to my editor as well as working on expanding on the sequel book. Enjoy some blasts from the past this month!

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, sponsored by any companies, brands, or products. Any preferences I state are my actual, true opinion. I am not paid to write this blog (sadly).

It’s my least favorite time of year, winter! It’s cold out there. I’m currently sitting in my bed under the covers because I hate the cold. I despise it. I’m glad I never moved north, because really, any worse than this and I might lose it.

In case you were wondering, it’s currently 36 degrees at time of writing, and I am over it.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite musicals was “The Sound of Music.” I still like it. One of my favorite shows, The Vicar of Dibley, even makes a nod at it. Fast forward to 1:50.

Alice teaches us an important lesson in this video, though–you don’t have to know the words exactly to feel better. So let’s make a list of my favorite things to help me feel better, when I’m not working on my book!

On a cold, wet, nasty day, my favorite thing to do is to curl up with either a nice cup of tea (obviously!) or a creamy cup of french vanilla coffee, get under a blanket, and read a book either on my tablet or an actual physical book. I’ve gotten backlash about ebooks before, but here’s the thing: with all the books I have, I could not afford an apartment big enough to hold all the books on shelves!

I also really love hidden object games. My favorite right now is called “Awakening Kingdoms.” It’s a completely free game that does have in-app purchases available, but I don’t spend any money on it. It’s a really fun, cute game that’s probably geared more towards children, but it’s been great in helping me strengthen my memory.

I hate to say it, but we also really like to watch either Netflix or cable. We love anime, but we also like mockumentary shows like Parks and Recreation. We also love British murder mysteries like Midsomer Murders, which actually holds the record for longest-running mystery show at 20 seasons long. We’ll also watch Hallmark original movies, even though yes, they all have pretty much the same plot. Will likes to make fun of them, but they’re nice, heartwarming movies.

There’s one thing I wish made me happy–cleaning my home! But it makes me happy that I can see my husband washing dishes and talking to his dad on the phone as I write. Thanks, honey!

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments! Have any great ideas for my blog? Let me know by clicking Contact Me up at the top! You can always follow me on social media by clicking the buttons for the various sites up at the top, too. If you like what I wrote and want to support my writing, you can subscribe to my blog. Feeling really generous? I’d love if you’d buy me a cup of tea by clicking the Buy Me a Coffee button!

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