RERUN: How Did I Get Here?

Hi friends! I had an intense week, involving multiple 12 hour days at my average joe job. I’m tired. As a result, we’re having a rerun, but this is probably something that needs to come back anyway for my new readers!

I’m often asked “how did you get into writing?” The answer could be simple, but let’s be real–I’m the one telling the story, so of course it’s a STORY. Grab a cup, have a seat, we’ll have a chat.

I’d like to blame this on Dr. Seuss, honestly. My parents taught me to read using his book, Hop on Pop. It’s a great book to start with, and Dr. Seuss in general is great to help kids develop reading skills. Once I knew how to read, I was hooked. 

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When I was in fifth grade, we read a verse novel about the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl called Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. It wasn’t my favorite to read, but I did enjoy reading it. Our teacher gave us an assignment to write a free verse poem based off the book. I got a 100% grade on the poem. I began to think, “maybe there’s something to this?”

In middle school I began to scribble out little ideas for poems I had, wrote angsty song lyrics that are, thankfully, never going to see the light of day.

In high school, I wrote fan fiction. Yes, that’s right. And I regret none of it. None of the pieces I wrote are up anymore; those sites shut down and I don’t have any copies anymore. They were terrible, but I was starting to develop my voice. I wrote some original fiction that I don’t have anymore, but I still have the ideas. I may develop them some day, I may not.

In college I took a couple writing classes, but the most important things I did for my writing were creating some characters that I work with today. I started developing my fantasy trilogy on a road trip in college. On a school break, I created Sammy and Dan, the two main characters in my short story “Bells,” which you can find here. Update 5/18/19: This link no longer works. I took the story off that particular site. Stay tuned for where to read it.

I don’t know why I decided now, of all times, to get serious about my writing. I don’t know if it’s because my 30th birthday is coming up in April, or if a lot of the creative people in my life just started showing up more in my social media feeds. What I do know, is that I’m going to make this work. This work I do is too important to me, whether I get paid for it or not (I don’t, honestly). I do it for the love, for the need.

Something that irks me is when people say “I prefer to read nonfiction, because why would I want to read someone else’s ideas from their head?” The only reason you have the ability to read it, is that the author loved the idea so much they felt they had to share it. They also gathered up the courage to share that idea with you.

I’ve gathered my courage, and we’re doing this, together.

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