Terrific Two!

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Hello friends! It’s a special day here at A Cup of Tea and a Pen for Me–it’s our second birthday! Grab a treat, pop on this playlist, and let’s get this party started!

This last year was very different for all of us, obviously. I didn’t get nearly as much done this last year as I did the previous year, but I’m still here. I had to go on that break, but we’re back. This next year is going to be even better!

In non-writing related news, two weeks ago we added a new four-legged member to our family–Hudson! He’s a very sweet cat, and he’s a big guy. He absolutely adores Will and follows Will everywhere. He and Hermes are getting along ok. We have moments when there’s hissing and swatting, but it’s going to take time. They’ve been running around chasing each other a lot, so Hermes hasn’t been screaming at night nearly as much as he was before.

If you’re looking for the cat, Will is holding him.

I’ve talked about my goals for the year, and I’m doing ok on some of them. I’m enjoying working on my cozy mystery novel, and things are going ok on Swanpoint. I’m not getting as much done on that as I’d like, but I’ve made my peace with that.

This next year, I’m hopeful to expand what I’m working on and continue on the project I worked on for the first week of November. I would really like to also get something substantial on my coming of age story. It seems like it’ll be a fun story to write, but I’ll need some help from some friends to get parts of it right.

I would also like to get more work done on my fantasy book I’ve been working on since college. Finishing the Wheel of Time series seems to have poked at me and made me want to get going on it again.

All in all, this year is going to be a great one. Forget terrible two–this is terrific two!

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