Reading Challenge 2021

Good morning everyone! I’m so surprised we’re at this post for the month already. January flew by this year and wasn’t the normal 80+ days it usually is.

If you’re one of my newer readers, every year I participate in a Goodreads Reading Challenge. Last year my goal was 30 books, which I crushed and ended with 36. This year my goal is 36, and so far I’m doing really well! I finished 4 books this month, so our current count is 4/36. As always, I receive no compensation for reviewing these books or you purchasing them. I’ve included links to purchase the books on Amazon, but feel free to support your local library (if they’re open, or you can find it as an ebook) or bookstore (if you can order it). But please, don’t go out if it isn’t safe!

Seize the Stars (Starswept Book 3) by Mary Fan

This was a great end to a lovely trilogy. I’ve mentioned I’m not much a fan of science fiction (and I don’t think I’d really call this science fiction), but this was a great indie series that touched on love, human trafficking, the power of the people over government, free will versus control, and many other important subjects. It is geared more towards a younger audience (the protagonist is 15), and sometimes the prose does get a little purple, but I enjoyed it immensely. In the conclusion of this trilogy, Iris and her Abolitionist friends make a stand against the Adryl government for the rights of Earth artists to not be controlled telepathically by their patrons. I don’t want to give the ending away, but I feel it was a great ending for a book, and not the typical “everyone gets a happy ending.”

You can purchase this book here.

Refuge (Relentless Book 2) by Karen Lynch

I read book 1 for free when this blog was on hiatus, and I liked it so much, I went ahead and bought the rest of the series. I thought it would be seven books about Sara and how amazing she is, but I’m a little disappointed to find out only the first three books are about her, specifically. I’ll still read them, though, because I like the characters. Anyway, this was an interesting story and take on paranormal creatures. I especially liked the concept of vampires being humans with a parasitic demon. I do feel everyone coddles Sara, as if she’ll break if someone just breathes on her, so I thought her anger was justifiable, but it seemed a bit overdone. Still, I enjoyed the story and all of Sara’s adventures.

You can purchase this book here.

Rogue (Relentless Book 3)

This is the final book for Sara Grey in the Relentless series, and I was really surprised. It felt rushed, and it seems odd and cliche that an 18 year old girl with little formal training can take down a super strong vampire leader, but a group of warriors who dedicate their lives to hunting vampires and train for stuff like this can’t. This is a problem in the young adult genre to me, but I won’t go on about it here—that could be a whole blog post. Overall, though, I did enjoy this book. It was fun to see Sara with her friends and the rest of the magical world they belong in, hidden in our own, and I’m continuing to read the series.

You can purchase this book here.

A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

We have finally come to the Last Battle, and there are still forces that could take down Rand and his allies against the Dark Lord. This was the final book of the Wheel of Time series, and I am simultaneously relieved and sad I’ve finished it. It took me seven years to finish reading this series. In the end, I listened to audiobooks more than read the physical books, but it’s done. The ending book was magnificent. Sanderson did an exceptional job finishing the series when Jordan died, and it makes me want to read his works now. I’m happy Jordan wrote the actual ending before his death. The end brought so many emotions, and it was so clever. But as the books say, “there are no beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time.”

You can purchase this book here.

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2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2021

  1. Well done for meeting your reading goal for this month. I’ve not ready any of the books you’ve posted but they look great and best of luck for next month! 🙂


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